Hurt ??


1) Have a good, long cry.
Crying, although it's upsetting, will actually make you feel better once you've stopped. Find a nice quiet place to cry your eyes out where you wont be disturbed. Although might feel like you need your mates right now, at this point you need to be alone with your thoughts and your tears for an hour or two or even a few days. It varies from girl to girl.

2) Friend's the word
NOW you need your friends. Or, if you feel you're not close enough to any of your friends, you need your family. Tell them exactly what happened and how you're feeling. Have a good bitching sesh with the girls about your ex-boy. You'll be suprised at how easily they manage to list his bad points.

3) Throw Him Away
At this point you don't need any reminders of your boy, even if you parted agreeing to 'be friends'. I should warn you it's very difficult to be 'just friends' with someone who's broken your heart. Delete his number AND his text messages from your mobile phone. Throw away his picture, or, if you can't bring yourself to do that, get one of your friends to keep it at their house so you won't be tempted to go and look at it. If you're REALLY cut up, tear up his picture into tiny bits and throw them in the bin. You'll feel exhilarated, but that's not for the faint hearted.

4) Get Out There
Getting over love takes time, though the length of time varies from girl to girl. If you want to get over him though, you need to stop moping and get out of the house. Don't go looking for anyone new just yet though...even if you want him to eat his heart out. Spite might relieve your anger temporarily but it won't do anything for your healing process in the long run...if he gets jealous you'll think he wants you back and start hankering after him again. Get out with your girlie friends and go shopping/clubbing/partying. Have girlie sleepovers. Remind yourself of the reasons why single life is good. List all the advantages. Concentrate on having a good time. The more you get out, the less you think about him. The less you think about him, the more you start to get over him.

5) Revisit your love
Ok, if you've gone out enough and you're starting to feel normal-ish again, take a deep breath and revisit your love. You have to prove to yourself that you're really over him. If you've been avoiding him, take the time to talk to him and look at him again. Don't avoid going to the places that were special to the two of you. Otherwise, you'll find yourself stumbling across these reminders, months later, and suddenly bursting into tears. This is one of the hardest parts of the healing processes, but it's well worth it in the end. If at this point, you're still feeling really really really wistful and sad for him, repeat step 4 and carry on doing this until you feel relatively normal again.

6) New love?
Ok, this step is optional. You may decide that single life without boys is the bomb and you're having a whale of a time doing just whatever you want. You go girlfriend! Good for you! But there's nothing wrong with flirting or getting a new boyfriend now, if that's what you want. Just remember, you're special no matter if you have a boy in your life or not, and whatever decision you make, its all up to you!

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